The best Shopify themes for 2019

The best Shopify themes for 2019

Shopify is the best platform to get your online store up and running in no time. It’s easy to set up and versatile enough to handle the varying niches of your e-commerce. In fact, it holds well to its title of the ‘best ecommerce platform’ across the globe.

But did you know on these platforms, you are always at risk of creating an online store that is similar to others as well. However, you can make your e-store distinguishable by adding themes to customize the overall look.

Luckily, the Shopify service offers several themes that can be used for the purpose. So without, further ado, here they are:

  1. Simple

As the name implies, the Simple offers a minimalistic design ideal for showcasing products. Features a product zoom option along with an animated product view. It also comes with a sidebar menu where you can conveniently display your collection.

The theme is fully mobile responsive as well.

  1. Pop

The Pop theme also boasts a clean design where you can showcase your product collection for easy viewing by the prospective customers. It also comes with a slide-out cart where the consumers can add their purchase without leaving the main shopping page.

A product image zoom option is available along the theme as well.

  1. Brooklyn

If you are running an apparel-store, the Brooklyn theme has the ideal offering. Here you can display multiple brand products on the top of the page while the layout can also be modified automatically based on the number of products you add.

Similar to the Pop theme, the Brooklyn also features a slide out cart option for the ease of customers.

  1. Sports Store

For featuring sports product, choose the Sports Store theme, which is designed specifically for such products. The theme features product banners and social media blocks.

It is also integrated with a timer feature where you can display hot deals and discount offers to create urgency in customers.

  1. Jumpstart

For a crowdfunding campaign, we suggest the Jumpstart theme that supports small product catalogs. Here, you can also create a slideshow where multiple products can be displayed on the homepage for easy viewing.

The theme also comes with a goal-tracking tool where you can track all your crowdfunding campaigns.

Most of these themes come with a limited day trial so you can try them out before making a financial commitment. Check these themes out and let us know your experiences.

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